FDVie™ juices contain numerous healthy ingredients, medically and scientifically proven to help the body combat many sickness and diseases related to unhealthy food consumption.

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Ingredient:  Tigernut /Coconuts/Dates/Ginger

Our Tigernut Milk is our signature exotic non-dairy blend of Tigernut /Coconuts/Dates/Ginger

  • Tigernut’s high content in fiber keeps your whole body healthy
  • Tigernut milk is a great substitute for cow’s milk
  • Tigernut milk is a popular form of aphrodisiac and libido booster
  • Tigernuts are a solid source of magnesium
  • Tigernuts can help control your blood pressure
  • Tigernuts may help protect you from cancer and cardiovascular disease
  • Tigernuts give you a potassium boost
  • Tigernuts are a good non-meat source of protein
  • Tigernut milk can help control diabetes
  • Tigernut rivals olive oil for “heart healthy” oils

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